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Zombies Lifeline...


The game of “World Game” will happen in some small town. Viruses broke out in the town, and zombies are over the place. In order to survive, the protagonist Jack and Anton need to help each other, and start a life traveling which is fraught with danger.The game is full of dangers, zombies are everywhere, without a watchful eye, the protagonist might deaths.The player need to make every option to help them solve every kind of challenges and keep away from danger, or you will be engulfed by lots of zombies.
In the game, the way you would be done by passing the text of the communication, each of your choice is essential. In the game, there is an inhumane Dr. Zombie. He tries to control every body, and make all of them to be his slaves. Could you use your intelligence to break away from his control? Of course, there also is a cute girl who was trapped with the zombies. She is anticipating your arrival, can you save her?